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When Richard “Tack” Ness walked back and forth to school he walked by a gas station named Thistle and Brown every day. Often as he walked by he’d dreamed of owning his own business. He worked at the local pharmacy stocking shelves for money. Coming from a family with 12 brothers and sister they all needed to work for anything they wanted.

Tacks brother Tom worked at the gas station and was drafted to the army. That was Tacks chance to get into the business and he took it. He worked for several year and when the opportunity to purchase half the business came up he purchase half of it in 1965. His idea was to provide the best service for his customers he could. In 1972 the opportunity came to purchase the other half as the other owner wanted to retire so he did, and in 1973 he was joined by his brothers Charlie and Don and Park Corner Oil Co Inc was formed. At the time the business consided of a gas station, auto repair shop, and a bulk fuel oil company.

In 1983 they decided to add Used cars to their business. It was a good fit. It provided their customers a one stop shop for all their automotive needs. As business outgrew the current location they bought out another shop, another fuel oil company, and this provided a little room to grow.

In 1986 they had the other facilities at capacity and they began building the current location at 910 N Main st. A 19600 sq ft facility that would allow them to house all their business in one place. Larger than they really needed but it would be so nice having everything in one place. No more changing tires outside in the snow during the winter storms, every car would be worked for inside. They equipped it with the latest up to date automotive equipment. This would be the ultimate facility for them.

In 1992 Tacks son Craig would join the business as a automotive technician. Over the next 8 years he worked mainly as a technician, but also filled in for service advisors, parts advisors, and sold cars when needed. The future of Ness Auto Sales and Service was being groomed to take over. Eventually Craigs position as a technician was turned over to another tech and he began working more in the sales department to learn that.

In 2009 Craig purchased one third of the business when Don decided to retire. Craig worked in a partnership with Tack and Charlie until 2015 when he purchased they’re interest in the company. To this day Tack and Charlie still come in virtually every day.

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