Do you need a set of tires but for whatever reason would prefer used tires instead of new ones? Whether you’re low on cash, gettting rid of the car, or helping out a friend, we realize sometimes people really need tires…but need to watch their budget too. Whether you’re looking for used car tires or used truck tires check with Ness Auto Sales and Service for their selection of used tires for your car or truck. Below is a partial list of some of the used tires we have in stock. The availablility and tires change daily so please call or stop to check availablility of the used tires. Used tire prices do not include mounting, balancing or installation of the used tire.



What is the Tread Depth

The tread depth is the thickness of the tread on the tires. Most new tires come with 12/32 tread on them. Some high performance and truck tires may be different. The last 2/32 are marked by a wear indicator. Once the tread is worn to the 2/32 indicator the tires useful life is gone. The first 10/32 of tread is the useful life of the tire. So for instance if a tire has 7/32 of tread left on it. The tire is half worn. (2/32 of wear indicator + 5/32 of tread = 7/32)

What’s next

If you find the tires below that you’re interested in call our service department to see if they’re still available. They’ll be able to verify the price and availablilty. The prices listed below are for the tires only. If you would like them installed the price is approximatly $24.


Oil Change & Lube

Front-End Alignment

Vehicle Maintenance

Brake Service

Fleet Repair

Muffler & Exhaust

Coolant Flush

Vehicle Inspection

Transmission Flush

Electrical Service

Tire Balance / Rotation

Filter Replacement