Are you looking for cars for sale Madison WI?

If you're looking for cars for sale near Madison WI chances are your head is spinning from all the choices. If you've been looking by now I'm sure you've noticed all your choices like all the new car dealers, large independent auto and truck dealers, and small independent auto and truck dealers. Then let's not forget your options of buying a privately owned vehicle. Your search for cars for sale near Madison WI may seem endless.


Why buy your next car or truck from a dealer?

Cars If you're looking at cars for sale near Madison WI you may be temped to look at a privately owned vehicle that appears like it will save you a little money. Sure the owner says it's great and doesn't have any problems but how do you know for sure? The answer is you don't. Time and time again we've seen people buy cars and trucks and get the big "surprise" only after they've bought it. Only then do they find out that private sellers can legally sell you a car with multiple problems and don't have to disclose any of them. Buying from a dealer gives you some protection in itself. Wisconsin motor vehicle dealers by law have to inspect the vehicles they sell. Once inspected they're suppose to note any problems on the "Wisconsin Buyers guide" and attach it to the window of the vehicle. Car dealers have to disclose any problems they find in their inspection on the buyers guide. This notifies the buyer before they buy the car or truck that there may be addtional repairs that need to be made. This is just one more thing to keep in mind when searching for cars for sale near Madison Wisconsin.

Why choose Ness Auto Sales & Service in Lodi?

So if you're looking at the thousands of cars for sale Madison Wi  you may be asking yourself why should I go to Ness Auto

Sales in Lodi? Here are a few of the reasons you should search Ness:

  • You don't actually even have to drive to Lodi to search our inventory. You searched for cars for sale Madison Wi on the web. Search our website here at
  • Lodi is only a 20 minute drive from Madison.
  • As a smaller dealer we put more effort into the needs of the customer. You're not just a number.
  • We have a great selection of used cars and trucks.
  • Find the car you want online...get preapproved, stop out for a testdrive, and drive it home all in one trip.
  • Searching for cars for sale in Madison doesn't mean you have to limit your search to Madison only.
  • Friendly staff is available to answer your questions.