Used trucks near Middleton WI

Are you in search of a used truck that’s going to be reliable for the needs of your busy life? Searching for a used truck near Middleton may sound like a good option. However, don't forget your options in used trucks that are just a short drive from Middleton WI. You’re going to love low pressure sales that Ness Auto Sales and Service has to offer.

Looking for a used truck may be a daunting task. One of the huge problems is while that truck may seem all nice, new, and shiny on the outside you may find out later that there are hundreds if not thousands of dollars in repairs that weren't performed by the dealer. While the larger dealers may tell you they offer a "large volume discounts" on your next truck. What they don't tell you is sometimes they lose the control over the reconditioning process that gives you a good quality used truck with no surprises in the future.

Just a short drive to Ness from Middleton WI for Used Trucks

If you're looking at a used truck near Middleton WI  you may be asking yourself, why should I drive from Middleton to Lodi? Driving to Lodi can actually take less time than driving from the east side of Madison to the west side of Middleton. People often show up at the dealership and express their relief that it was such a short drive. It doesn't take long at all to get to Ness Auto Sales in Lodi.

At Ness Auto Sales we take your used vehicle through our reconditioning process. A certified mechanic inspects the vehicle and goes through a multipoint inspection process that's far more than what the state of Wisconsin requires. Once inspected they go through the findings with our service writer and manager to determine whether the vehicle "passes" to be put on the lot. Any repairs needed are performed to ensure "worry free driving". While the looks on the outside are important, we feel it's just as important to ensure that you don't incur breakdowns and repairs after you purchase the vehicle. Before you buy, take a look at the used trucks at Ness!

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