You are driving to work, enjoying the beginning of your day when, Pop!, your tire bursts, sending rubber flying and your good mood packing. When you get over to the side of the road and get to your spare, you discover that it, too, is flat. You need a towing service in Lodi WI to get your day back from wrong turn it has just taken. Not to worry, Ness Auto Sales and Service’s towing service is here to help. We provide professional, quality, and fast towing services in Lodi, Poynette, Dane, and Merrimac WI. 

Why Choose Ness Auto Sales and Service for Towing Service in Merrimac? 

You may be asking why you should turn to an auto sales and repair shop for your towing needs. After all, there are huge towing companies that operate everywhere these days; why use a small towing company? 

A small, local towing service provides a dedication to customer service and quality that you won’t get with the bigger towing companies. Smaller towing companies like Ness Auto Sales and Service can provide quality to their customers. Often, bigger towing companies require minimal training and their drivers lack the experience and technique that limits damage to your car. The last thing you want is damage caused by a poorly trained tow truck driver. With Ness Auto Sales and Service, you get quality towing in Lodi, Poynette, Dane, and Merrimac Wi. 

As the oldest and most experienced towing company in Lodi WI, Ness Auto Sales and Service is proud to serve Lodi, Poynette, Dane, and Merrimac Wi with quality towing services. Our professional drivers are trained to ensure that your car gets to and from our auto repair shop in Lodi WI without additional damage. 

Towing in Lodi, Poynette, Dane and Merrimac

Ness Auto Sale and Service is dedicated to providing you with the best towing and auto repair services in the Lodi and Merrimac areas. Ness Auto Sales and Service believes in total car care and service. From the moment your car breaks down to the moment you drive off our lot, we are with you the whole way. Our professional and friendly staff, mechanics and drivers will help you make the best auto repair decisions. We will provide clear and easily understandable explanations of all the services we provide and will make sure that you understand all your auto repair options, pressure free. 

If you need towing in Merrimac or towing in Dane, Ness Auto is your one stop shop. Not only will we give you the towing services you deserve, we can repair and maintain your car at our auto repair shop in Lodi. We are committed to providing you with quality auto services. Contact us today! 

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