Are you looking for Tires in Lodi WI?

When it comes to searching for tires the options may seem endless. If you take a look at all the different tire brands that may seem confusing enough. Then start to look at all the different options each tire manufacturer offers and some consumers may just decide to give up. Shopping for tires in Lodi WI is simple. Visit us at Ness Auto Sales and Service and we'll help walk you through the tire buying process and help you pick the tire that's best for you.


Tires are round, rubber, and hold air. What's the difference?

When the economy crashed a few years ago many vehicle manufacturers searched for ways to help their dealers survive the downturn. In doing this they looked to the tire sales as another product to sell to get customers in the door. The problem is that when it comes to tires there's more to it than being the right size. Many new car dealers simply look up the size and next look for the cheapest option available so they can be competative on price. The problem is there's several factors that effect a tire and how the vehicle handles. Rubber compounds, speed ratings, size, and tread design are all factors that effect a tire. Let's take the size P225/60R16, Michelin currently makes 7 different tires in that size alone. If there were no difference why else would they make so many different options?

The pros who know are at Ness

The pros that know tires are at Ness Auto Sales and Service in LodiWI. If you're looking for tires and want answers to the correct solution stop in and we'd be happy to help. Don't just settle for a dealer that's going to sell you the cheapest tire possible to get the sale and then regret it down the road. Call Ness today!

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