Oil change Poynette WI

Searching for an auto repair shop to do an oil change near Poynette WI may be a bit of a task. With the limited number of auto repair shops in Poynette many people decide to make the trip to Ness in Lodi. An oil change may be the best thing you can do for your car, so having it changed regularly is always a plus. Along with getting an oil change we offer a free 26 point inspection. It's important to have a trained technician look at your vehicle before you have problems. 

At Ness it's more than just an oil change Poynette WI

When you get a oil change at Ness in Lodi it's more than just an oil change Poynette Wi. There's more to an oil change than just changing the oil and filter. We perform a thorough vehicle inspection every time your vehicle comes in.

Along with changing the oil we'll:

    • Check the exterior lights
    • inspect the suspension
    • Check for leaks
    • Inspect the fluids
    • Top off the washer fluid
    • Inspect the exhaust
    • Inspect the shocks
    • Inspect the belts and hoses
    • Load test the battery
    • Inspect the wipers
    • Inspect for tire wear issues
    • Inspect the tires
    • Set tire pressures
    • Wash the windows
    • Lube the door hinges
    • Provide you with a written estimate for any problems found.


What happens if you don't regularly have your oil changed Poynette WI

Well, not everything gets better with time. Oil serves two purposes. The first one is to lubricate the engine. Over time your oil will break down and lose the ability to properly lubricate the engine. The second is to absorb the debris in the crankcase like a sponge. Just like a sponge eventually the oil will fill up and not be able to absorb any more. Getting your oil changed Poynette Wi will allow the new oil to start absorbing the debris again. Take care of your vehicle and it will take care of you. Remember... you get more for less at Ness in Lodi!

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