Oil Change Lodi WI

Ask any of the experienced service technicians and they'll tell you the best way to keep your car or truck in tip top shape is simply with an oil change in Lodi Wi and a little scheduled maintenance. Coming to Ness Auto Sales and Service in Lodi WI for a regularly scheduled oil change will go a long way. The standard for oil change maintenance of every 3,000 miles is a good rule of thumb; but it isn’t set in stone anymore. Because of the improvements in oil quality, vehicles themselves, and the fact that fully synthetic motor oils are becoming more common vehicles can go longer than before between oil changes. If you're looking for an oil change in Lodi WI be sure to check out Ness Auto Sales and Service.

At Ness it's more than just an oil change

When you get an oil change at Ness in Lodi it's more than just an oil and filter change. We perform a thorough vehicle inspection every time your vehicle comes in.

Along with changing the oil we will:

    • Check the exterior lights
    • Inspect the suspension
    • Check for leaks
    • Inspect the fluids
    • Top off the washer fluid
    • Inspect the exhaust
    • Inspect the shocks
    • Inspect the belts and hoses
    • Load test the battery
    • Inspect the wipers
    • Inspect for tire wear issues
    • Inspect the tires
    • Set tire pressures
    • Wash the windows
    • Lube the door hinges
    • Provide you with a written estimate for any problems found.


What happens if you don't regularly have your oil changed

Yes, there's still a few people out there that don't think they have to change their oil as often as they should. You may be asking yourself what happens if you don't change your oil? Over time oil itself breaks down. Due to the chemcal composition and the fact that it constantly goes through heat cycles it simply breaks down over time. Your oil can also get loaded with contaminants. Think of your oil as a sponge; the oil is constantly going through the vehicle's engine and absorbing contaminants from metal particles to moisture. Eventually like a sponge it will get full and it will no longer be able to hold the contaminants. Changing your oil will remove the contaminants and make your engine last longer. Think of it as cheap insurance for your vehicle. So next time you need an oil change in Lodi Wi ... remember you get more for less at Ness.

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