Are you in need of car repair?

When your vehicle is in need of car repair, you can trust Ness Auto Sales and Service in Lodi Wisconsin to get the best quality work done on your vehicle. Even the cleanest and best maintained vehicles can have harmful chemicals and corrosive buildups that can cause leaks and damage to your engine. To prevent further damage and help it from happening in the first place call Ness Auto Sales and Service in Lodi and let the service professionals take care of your vehicle for you. Ness Auto Sales and Service will repair and maintain your vehicle and keep it running in tip top shape. Our car repair staff will perform services and repairs on your vehicle using the best quality parts. Our years of training and experience along with our service data available will help prevent those costly breakdowns. We try our best to keep costs down while performing car repairs by searching for high quality parts at an affordable price. For those of you looking for car repairs on a budget we also have several levels of quality when it comes to parts. We can choose parts that will fit your budget with your car repairs to help make it more affordable. 

Car repairs or maintenance... you choose.

When most people think of repairs to their car they think of breakdowns and being stranded along side the road. Being stranded not only costs money for the car repairs, but it leaves you with the added expense to tow your vehicle to the repair shop. At Ness Auto Sales and Service you can rest easy knowing we're looking out for your maintenance needs as well as the repairs that are needed on your car. The ever changing world of auto repair will leave most smaller auto repair shops in it's dust. And the world of repairs is just as difficult to keep up with. From technical data to regular training it's hard for a shop to be up to date with not only the latest repair procedures but also the proper tools to perform them. Next time you need car repair near Lodi WI call the pros who know at Ness Auto Sales and Service.

Trust the car repair pros at Ness

Finding a car repair shop can be difficult, but with the Ness Service Team you can expect a knowledgeable staff that has years of experience that will keep you and your cars best interest at heart when it comes to car repair. Your vehicle has lots of mechanical moving parts and several electrical parts. Any one of them could cause major problems if they're not functioning properly. Instead of praying that the "Check Engine" light will simply go away bring it to Ness Auto Sales and Service in Lodi WI. Call our service department today at 608-592-3848

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