Are you searching for a car dealer near Baraboo WI

If you live in Baraboo you may find yourself in search for a car dealer near Baraboo WI. In your search you'll find several choices for new car dealers in Baraboo and even close by in Reedsburg. Searching for a car dealer doesn't need to be limited to just new car dealers. For many of us a high quality used car is just what the doctor ordered. These used cars are also much more affordable than a new car and often times will still carry the factory warranty. If you take a short drive looking at the car dealers in Baraboo you may find that you can't locate what you're looking for. In that case you may want to visit Ness Auto Sales in Lodi. At Ness we have a large selection of used cars and trucks for all your automotive needs.

The benefits of a used car

Why buy a used car instead of a new car? For starters buying a used car can save you thousands of dollars. When you buy a used car from a used car dealer near Baraboo WI they have less overhead than the new car dealers. In some cases this may save you over $10,000 off of the price of a car. That quality used car might even still be covered under factory warranty. In many cases when you buy a late model used car from a car dealer you can purchase an extended warranty for a very reasonable price. This will protect you from most car repairs you may have in that time period. The warranty can provide similar coverage to the factory warranty when the car was new. You won't get this coverage to 100,000 with a new car. So ask yourself why you would spend thousands more at a new car dealer in Baraboo when you could save on a high quality used car?


Find a car dealer near Baraboo WI in Lodi  

Searching for a car dealer in Baraboo doesn't mean you can only search for your next car in Baraboo. Take a short drive to Lodi and you'll find Ness Auto Sales and Service. We're an independent used car dealer that specializes in high quality used cars and trucks. Whether the car or truck has 5000 miles of 100,000 miles you can rest assured that we've ran it through a rigorous inspection in our repair shop. Before any used car reaches our lot it's inspected and serviced to make sure you're driving is as trouble free as possible. We don't want to be just any car dealer near Baraboo WI, we want to be "Your Car Dealer For Life"

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