Are you searching for Brake Repair in Lodi?

 Having a brake system that operates properly is essential to the safety of you and the passengers in your car. A properly operating brake system will allow you to stop or slow down when you need to without effecting the stability of the car or truck you're driving. Some signs that your brake system may need some attention:

    • Noise - Either a high pitched squeal or a grinding noise. Whether it's when you push the brake or when you let off the brake. Noises in the brakes should be given attention immediately.
    • A low brake pedal - If you have to push further on the brake pedal than you used to that's definitely a sign that your brakes need attention.
    • A pull when braking - If your steering seems to change direction when you hit the brakes this is also a symptom there is something wrong with your brake system.

Why choose Ness for your brake repair in Lodi?

With the safety of you and your family on the line it's important that the person servicing or inspecting the brakes on your vehicle is knowledgeable. Having your brakes repaired is a very important service and something that you need to take seriously. Whether it's disc brakes or drum brakes each have their own set of little quirks that need to be right to make sure your brakes not only operate correctly but last as long as they should in the long run. 

Complete auto repair in Lodi Wi is available at Ness

Whether it's brake repair or complete auto repair in Lodi we have you covered at Ness. Whether you're looking for an oil change, tire rotation, maintenance, wheel alignments, an engine or transmission replacement, or anything in between. We have the high quality auto technicians to make sure your car is taken care of correctly. Call our service department to set up an appointment today!

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