Nothing ruins a day like an unexpected car breakdown, especially if it’s your only car and you have to get to work or pick up the kids from school. And auto repair in Poynette WI can be expensive, a hassle and leave you even more stressed. By the time it’s all said and done, a day is wasted and you are left with a bill. No fun. 

Convenient Auto Repair in Poynette with Ness Auto Sales and Service

At Ness Auto Sales and Service near Poynette, we understand the hassle of an unexpected auto repair and design our services around your convenience and pocketbook. 

Ness Auto Sales and Service provides auto repair services in Poynette WI from the moment your car breakdowns to the moment you drive your repaired car off our lot. Ness Auto Sales and Service is proud to offer towing services to the Poynette WI and surrounding areas. Whether it’s an unexpected breakdown, or a maintenance repair, Ness Auto Sales and Service will be with you from start to finish. 

Customer Focused Auto Repair

Most car breakdowns can be fixed in a couple of hours. Sometimes, however, a repair requires some time for parts to arrive and extra elbow grease to install them. That means you may be left relying on others for transportation, which is a hassle that can get in the way of your work schedule and family life. 

Ness Auto Sales and Service has a solution. If you have to leave your car for the night, we will give you a loaner car for the time your car is in the shop. With Ness Auto Sales and Service, a car breakdown doesn’t have to mean lost work or becoming a burden to friends and family. With Ness, you get customer focused auto repair in Poynette WI. 

Professional Auto Repair in Poynette

With Ness Auto Repair and Service, you get reliable, professional auto repair in Poynette. Our professional and friendly staff will help you make the best and most affordable auto repair decision. With Ness, you don’t have to worry about being manipulated into costly repairs you don’t need. We will take the time to explain and outline your auto repair options and let you make an informed decision, pressure free. 

If you want quality, professional auto repair that puts you first, Ness Auto Sales and Service is your auto repair shop in Poynette WI. From tires to transmissions, we offer whole car maintenance, repair and service. Call us from the side of the road or the comfort of your living room. No matter where you are in the Madison, Poynette, Lodi or surrounding areas, we can come pick up your car, get you in a loaner car and get you back to your life. Come check out our auto repair services and contact us today! We will get you back on the road! 

Auto Repair in Poynette Wi

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