AcDelco Professional Auto Repair

When it comes to auto repair choosing a repair center is very important. However, choosing the right part to repair your car or truck is just as important.  Ness Auto Sales and Service is proud to be an AcDelco Professional Service center in Lodi WI. This not only means that we have access to high quality AcDelco parts for your car...but it also means our technicians participate in ongoing training to make sure they're on top of their game. Cars and trucks are more complex than ever. In the early 80's they announced that cars would go from carburetors to computers and fuel injection. This was a major restructuring to auto repair. Today's vehicles may have as many as 12 or more computer modules onboard. Getting these modules to communicate can sometimes be a problem. When it comes to auto repair there's not much you can do without reprogramming a computer. Even something as simple as replacing a window motor may require you to reprogram or relearn the module. Yes, auto repair has changed a lot through the years and one thing is for will continue to change. Trust your auto repair needs in the hands of a technician that has kept up to date on the latest technology. The cost of car repairs will continue to escalate so be sure to use high quality auto parts when you make those repairs. A wise old man once said "If you think going to a good mechanic is expensive.....try going to a bad one".

AcDelco Auto Repair Lodi Wi

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